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Almost 1 in 3 adults experience fatigue during the day (1).

The stroke of fatigue, kick or other slack is a feeling of sudden fatigue (2). Whether at the table, at work, in class or even at the wheel, it can occur following various events. For example after a long day, after a bad night, at the time of digestion after a meal, during exam periods for students but also after intense exertion.

Its signs are very simple and easily spotted. You need to yawn, itchy eyes, heavy eyelids, you have trouble concentrating.

This is quite normal, especially when you feel the slack in the early afternoon. Indeed, this phenomenon is due to your circadian rhythm (or your wake / sleep rhythm), the period between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. is considered by your body as a time of sleep (3). This explains the drop in your energy level at this particular time of day.

In addition, a midday meal very rich in carbohydrates in particular would accentuate this phenomenon. This is because when a very rich meal is digested, your body secretes a large amount of insulin. (4). Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas that allows carbohydrates to be broken down into glucose. Glucose will be the body's source of energy. (5)

Don't worry, bouts of fatigue never last very long and you will quickly regain your energy. More info on tips for avoiding push-ups here.


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