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Are you running out of energy?

Take the test!

Are you perfectly rested or are you suffering from low energy?

Take the test to find out where you stand with your sleep.


1 In the morning when you wake up?
◉ I take a few minutes to wake up and stretch

▲ As long as I haven't had my coffee, don't ask me anything

◼ I jump out of bed, I'm in great shape


2 During the day I feel?
◉ I am super fit in the morning, but the more the day progresses the more difficult it is

▲ I am at my peak around 3 p.m. after my digestion phase

◼ My condition is fairly constant throughout the day, I manage to remain efficient morning and afternoon


3 What do you do in case of a little slack?
▲ I drink a 7th coffee

◉ I close the door to my office and I take a mini nap

◼ The slack shots I don't know!


4 Do I eat for my lunch?
▲ Copiously, I need to gain strength as I am not having breakfast

◼ A salad or a small homemade dish full of vitamins

“The toast is all that is true.


5 Do I play a sport?
▲ Does Netflix Series Marathon Matter?

◉ At least once a week

◼ Almost every day to relieve stress and clear my head


6 The bar hits during the day?
◼ Don't know

▲ Almost every day in the early afternoon during digestion

◉ When I slept badly the day before and / or on a busy day



You have a maximum of (◉):
You try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but despite all the slackness does not spare you. Read our tips to help you manage them better.


You have a maximum of (▲):
You feel the signs of push-ups almost every day. Your pace of life may have something to do with it. Read our tips on how to better withstand your day and stay on top.


You have a maximum of (◼):
You are a ball of energy, the energy drops you don't know. Keep going ! Click here to read our tips.

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